Karma Fishing Tournament Prize offered by Stormdancer

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Karma Fishing Tournament Prize offered by Stormdancer Empty Karma Fishing Tournament Prize offered by Stormdancer

Post by Jake Mage on Sun Mar 27, 2016 3:30 am

Some may not know it or may have never participated in one, or it may be on your weekly list of things to do.  But there is an in game fishing tournament held in Mirage Isle every Saturday at 3pm eastern, 2pm central, 12pm pacific.  

          Stormdancer aka Rainsong is currently offering a prize to whomever in Karma places the highest in the tournament.
This week the prize was 50 ship component regrade scrolls.  I was lucky enough to win them (Thanks again Stormy).  It was a close one though, Slag was a close second (normally first, he is a lucky man).  
     Also for those that do not know the tournament is an hour long event and only costs  a minimal amount of labor to participate.   You will receive a free temporary rod and 5 free lures to be used in the tournament. You can buy an upgraded rod and additional lures if you chose.  Placement is determined by the longest fish you catch, and is not based on quantity of fish caught. The tournament itself gives fisher coins that can be redeemed in mirage isle for various prizes and if you place in the top 10 you can win some gold as well.  It is a good way to get introduced to sport fishing in Archeage.  You can also catch treasure mimics which will reward fisher coins when you loot them.
      Join in on the fun and test your luck at yet another one of Archeage's RNG systems.  At least with this one you don't lose as much as you can with others.

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